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Why have a Sports Massage ?

Sport Massage Sport massage is a relatively new treatment on offer here at the Granary Spa, we are often asked what exactly it is and how it differs from other treatments on offer. A lot like a deep tissue massage – just intensified and usually focused on a specific area or problem, a sports massage is ideal for anyone struggling with pain or discomfort. As the name suggests it is most commonly used by athletes to treat a specific injury picked up in training, however it can be used by anyone suffering from acute or recurring injuries. It is also a great injury prevention tool, as it corrects any issues found before they become major problems. As Sport massage is usually booked for a certain purpose, the whole treatment would usually be spent on one area of the body (Although full body sports massage is available and a great option). Sport massage often works deeper than a deep tissue massage, working on not just manipulating muscle tissue around the body, but manipulating the soft tissue of the muscle itself. The therapist may also use some stretching techniques to help the muscle get back into its prime position and allow increased blood flow which would help injury recovery and improve performance. We treat a wide range of clients for sports massage, whether they are active in sport or not, young or old, it is a great injury reduction and prevention tool. Written by Scott Wilson
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