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Neck Pain! Why do I suffer ? Written by Scott Wilson our Sports Massage expert

Neck Pain “My neck hurts and I don’t know why” Is a common cry I and my colleagues at the Granary Spa often hear and there is good reason for this! There are a lot of important, major muscles connected to the neck, here are just a few – Trapezius Levator scapulae Rhomboid major Rhomboid Minor Semispinalis capitis Splenius capitis Splenius cervicis Sternocleidomastoid (And this isn’t including muscles attached from the chest, from the head, under the shoulders or muscles connected to other muscles that may also have an effect!) If any of these muscles picks up an injury and gets overstressed in any way then it can cause pain and limitations in the neck. The body is very clever at protecting itself, if it has an area in trouble is will usually tighten or limit movement there to stop more harm; and as the neck is a body part in constant use, then it is very noticeable when we have problems here! In the modern world we are all putting our upper bodies through a lot more strain than they are used to – hunched over desks, poor posture and high stress levels all have an effect and create tension around the shoulders and neck (Which will also often lead to headaches, migraines and more stress). When you hunch over, the muscles running down your back get overstretched or put into awkward positions. We often find the Rhomboids and the Trapezius are the main culprits, they can get very tense and knotted and lead to shoulder and neck pain (rhomboids minor is my personal enemy from my extreme sport hobby!) Your head is the most important part of you, the body will do all it can to keep it in the correct position and keep it out of harm’s way, usually by over compensating other areas (as the neck is next in line, if bares a lot of the brunt). We often find that a client’s back will be twisted, shoulders dropped at different angles, but to the client this will not be noticeable as the head will be level and therefore feel ok and correct. If you do suffer from any neck pain it is Important to look at the areas around it to find a cause and also help find a solution. Massage is hugely beneficial for these areas, whether deep tissue, aromatherapy or a hot stone or lava shell treatment. When knots in the muscles fibres get broken down, stretched correctly and relaxed, they reduce the strain placed on the neck and full, correct movement is returned. Looking after the areas between treatments is very important in helping reduce the risk of injury returning before your next treatment. Products like Made for life Soothing Muscle balm and Bath Salts together with Pukka Turmeric active have amazing anti-inflammatory properties and also help stimulate the blood flow to these areas making them work more efficiently and recover faster. Never ignore neck pain and think “It’ll sort itself out” or “I’ll get it looked at later” Not booking a treatment as soon as possible when an injury occurs can have terrible long term effects, so call us straight away! 55 Minute Massage Treatments available at the Granary Spa – Aromatherapy Massage -£48 Deep Tissue Massage – £52 Sports Massage – £52 Lava Shell Massage – £58 We also provide 25 minute treatments as well. 01233 647647
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