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Can the menopause be a positive experience?

Firstly, I apologise to the men reading this, but knowledge is power, as they say!

I thought this would be a useful topic to discuss, as I have quite a few family members and friends navigating the menopausal road. With over thirty plus possible symptoms, some women are extremely lucky to experience little or no symptoms, while others are far less fortunate! Being positive and celebrating it rather than dreading it may just help make the road a little less ‘bumpy’! 

My top tips are:

-Eat a well-balanced diet, cut down on sugary, starchy foods.

-Exercise, walking, swimming, yoga, etc.

-Relaxation- breathing techniques, meditations,mindfulness, or music.

-Take care of your skin- skin can become drier during the menopause, so it is important to keep it hydrated. Drink plenty of water.

-Hot flushes can cause sweating, which may lead to the skin becoming more sensitive than usual. So have cotton clothing and bedding, try taking a cool shower before bed and have a window open!

-Some women experience a ‘brain fog’. This can be a very scary feeling.  Studies have shown taking Vitamin B12 may help your brain focus.

I have only covered a few common menopausal symptoms here. For some women they require medication to help with the hormonal imbalance. It is always advisable to speak to a doctor for advice. Dr Louise Newson has written a couple of books which look very helpful such as ‘The Hormone Remedy Cookbook’.

Remember you are not alone, share and talk about your experiences. offer free support via phone or video to women and their families.

Love, Georgia x

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