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A Visit to a very special place

A visit to a very special place in Cornwall “Made for Life by Spiezia Organics”. On arrival at the Health and Wellbeing Innovation Centre we were greeted by the lovely owner Amanda and Trudy with big hugs. This is one of the many reasons we love dealing with ‘Made for life”. Not only are their products out of this world but it is a joy to work with such special people. In the six years since I have both personally and for our spa used these amazing products I have never been on site. Trudy talked me through the process most of the organic herbs are grown in Somerset and because they are organic they can vary from season to season in look and feel. We then looked at the beautiful jars of herbs and oils soaking – they stay in these jars for at least a month… They are then hand pressed before manually being put into recycled jars and bottles. Lastly they are hand packed before being packaged up to come to our spa for you to enjoy. The picture below show canisters of organic essential oils. I have always known that rose oil is extremely expensive but could not believe that one full of rose currently costs £5000! I throughly enjoyed my visit and will continue to provide you all with these amazing products, organically hand made with love. Clare x  
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