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Lets open our eyes

This morning as I walked out into the dark morning air with Sammy, the stars where shinning so bright,  I stood  back in amazement.  This world is a magically place and it’s so important to have moments of reflection.  I think we all get so busy and distracted we forget to open our eyes.  To pause and  gaze and watch in wonder around us. This week I have seen the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets – in my younger days I would not have noticed!  Try this exercise I read about this week, which is fun to do.

Look up and out………..

Start by looking at the sky. Notice the colour, whether there are clouds. Notice trees, buildings and natural details. Take the wide view and let yourself be amazed.

Look near and close………..

With simply an object around you such as a pencil or coaster ,spend a few moments looking at the intricate details of this object. Notice as you gaze , more details become evident. Be grateful for the object in your hands.

Stop and take a breathe

So this week I invite you to notice the world around you its quiet amazing if you stop and look.

No images this week ! Computer problems ……………………..

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