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Lets look at being kind this lockdown….

How can kindness help us

I have been very spoilt this week. Sally brought me in flowers from her garden, a beautiful card and gift from Angela and Dorothy and Lesley popped in with the golden teddy bear advent calendar. How did all this make me feel ….? I smiled, I was very grateful and felt loved and supported. Have you ever noticed the act of giving and receiving has the same effect. This lockdown we can make a difference. Are you living with someone still working? How can you make their life’s a little easier? Can you call or write to a friend? Can you make a gift for someone and knock on their door as a surprise? At the moment it would be very easy to look inwards and I know that lots of you are suffering but by reaching out to others you realise that you can be the lift and brightness in someone else’s day. I invite you this week to try to make someone smile I bet it makes you smile too!  

The image below is from an early morning beautiful sky I took while walking Sammy 🙂

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