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Are you enjoying the summer holidays?

I hope that those of you who have children are enjoying the school holidays and making the most of your family time together.

However, I know that this time can also be stressful. For working parents, trying to cover their childcare and for others, planning/filling their time off can be daunting. It got me thinking about my school holidays and some of the things I remember the most are actually the ‘free’ days. Whether it was friends coming to play, art related activities, baking etc. Once my Mum arranged a mini sports day in the park with the other parents, it was great fun and we were ‘enjoying’ exercise. Treasure hunts are always a big hit, all the excitement and wonder.

Sometimes the best things in life are free, giving your time, making special memories is marvelous and magical!

Here are some ideas:

Tesco Holiday Hack Pack – Online ideas, look it up!

Gardening- looking for/counting bugs, butterflies etc

Go to the beach- I used to paint messages or flowers on pebbles 

Pick your own– my niece enjoyed picking strawberries

Swap toys/games with other parents

Picnics- get the children to help prepare

Love, Georgia x

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