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Do you write little notes?

When I was growing up, my Mum occasionally left little notes in my lunch box, sometimes in my pocket or a bag which said things like ‘Enjoy your day’, ‘Missing you’, ‘Good luck’ or simply ‘Love you’ !

They really lifted my spirits and made me smile. It was such a sweet thing to do, I started doing the same. I would write a note in my Dad’s work diary for him to find. My brother also left notes, particularly when he was going back to America where he studied. He would leave a note in his bed that Mum would find when she went into his room.

Cerys kindly wrote a little note for everyone at work recently, and it reminded me how a little note can boost your mood and make you smile.

Give it a go and make someone’s day!

-A totally unexpected nice surprise

-Special meaning

-Mood booster for the giver and the recipient

-A little act of kindness

-A memory to keep

Love, Georgia x

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