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Do you like to dance?

My niece Emery who is nearly three years old, had her first ballet class recently. She did brilliantly, not only with trying to point her toes and to perform a ‘plie’ but also going into a new strange environment and listening to other children having a few tears. It reminded me of my first day at three years old learning ballet and tap. My Mum stayed with me the whole lesson and actually did the whole class with me! I continued the dance classes until I was fifteen years old and made some great friends along the way. There were times I didn’t feel like going, but afterwards I felt amazing and very glad I made the effort. Dancing lifts your mood, is a great form of exercise and something you can do on your own or with others.

Benefits of dancing:

-Boosts heart and lung health

-Reduces stress/depression

-Improves flexibility, strength and balance

-Keeps the brain and body active

-Make friends

So put the radio on and dance like no-one is watching!

Love, Georgia x

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