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Do you check yourself regularly?

My family and I are huge Strictly Come Dancing fans and I was shocked and saddened to recently read reports about one of the Strictly professional dancers called Amy Dowden 32 years old, being diagnosed with breast cancer. 

When someone like Amy who talks openly and positively about their diagnosis as difficult as this must be, her bravery and strength may just help another person going through a similar experience. Stories like this help to raise awareness and remind us to check ourselves regularly and get seen by a doctor if unsure about anything. Whether it is a lump (anywhere), changes in bowel habits, an unusual mole on the skin, etc. Breast, prostate, testicular and skin cancer are included in the list of the most curable cancers, but the earlier detection the better chance we give ourselves. 

We should always live by the motto ‘If in doubt, get it checked out’. 

Love, Georgia x

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