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Would you go alcohol free?

Last week I went on a family trip to Ireland to celebrate my Dad’s ‘special’ birthday. My Nana (Dad’s mum) is 88 and has experienced health issues recently, so as she couldn’t travel to us, we thought we would go to her in Ireland so she could celebrate Dad’s special birthday with us. 

Spending time with loved ones is what’s important, making memories, enjoying each other’s company. The Irish certainly know how to have a good time, but now in Ireland there is a zero tolerance for drink and driving. It’s such a good idea and as a result I saw more places advertising zero alcohol drinks such as Guinness 0.0 and gin. So people still go out and enjoy socialising, maybe an Irish jig or two without the pressure of drinking alcohol! Reducing your alcohol intake is better for our skin, better sleep, better mental health and reduces your risk of some serious health conditions.

But I am happy to report Mum drove on Dad’s birthday, so he celebrated in style!

Love Georgia x

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