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What do you grab for comfort?

April is home to Stress Awareness Month. We all react and cope differently to stress. I personally often tend to grab a chocolate bar when I am stressed or if I am having a bad day. It gives me short-term relief but I know it isn’t a long-term fix! Plus, it’s not good for the waistline…

So I researched alternative ways to help relieve stress that are healthier choices.

Here are a few of my self comforting techniques  instead of reaching for the sugary fix:

~Create a comforting space (bedroom, etc)

~Get fresh air or a change of scenery

~Show yourself some self compassion

~Run a hot bubble bath

~Comfort often comes from the people around you

It may be we think at times only a sweet fix will do and that’s ok. But try having the 70% plus dark chocolate in the cupboard at least then you are also getting some antioxidants, minerals and it is said to alleviate stress! But remember one bite is enough…

Love, Georgia x

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