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How do you make a decision?

Every day we have to make decisions, big and small and sometimes we can feel overwhelmed and question ourselves, did we make the right decision?

A few years ago, we had a spa team wellbeing day with a ‘mindset’ coach called Jamie. He taught us to think differently when faced with making a decision. He told us to ask ourselves how our heart, head and gut felt when thinking about making decision.

Heart- More emotional response

Head- Thoughts/ facts/ possible outcomes/ consequences

Gut- Tense/ nauseas/ intuition/ inner wisdom

The head, heart, gut formula may help us be more efficient with our decision making. It is particularly helpful if it is a big decision and we are unsure what to do.

It can also help to write things down, give yourself time to consider and evaluate. Practicing the head, heart, gut formula does take practice, but with time you will do it automatically. 

This week I challenge you to try this method and see if it helps guide you to make better, easier decisions.

Good Luck!

Georgia x

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