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Can we learn to manage our emotions?

The Granary Spa love to support local charities. So last Monday, Laura and I arranged a visit to the Pilgrims Hospice. We wanted to offer the hard working staff a hot lava shell neck and shoulder massage. As Monday was approaching my body was filled with physical emotions because the last time I had entered a hospice was four years ago to visit my beloved best friend Emily who was sadly diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour. On my days off from work my Mum would always drive me to the The Princess Alice Hospice in Surrey and we would chatter away, whilst I massaged Em’s hands and sometimes a manicure. 

The realisation I was going to enter a hospice, albeit a different one, filled my body with anxiety and fear! I spoke to Laura about how I was feeling (it’s good to talk) took a deep breath and kept my eyes firmly on the floor. Once I got inside and started treating the wonderful staff, my emotions eased. I walked out feeling a sense of pride that I managed to overcome my emotions and I felt a huge sense of honour to be able to give something back to such amazing, compassionate, deserving people. We thank you.

How to cope with your emotions:

-Talk to someone, don’t bottle up emotions

-Learn to identify how you are feeling, i.e. sad, confused, worried, happy, etc

-Positive affirmations can be helpful, i.e. I am strong

Love, Georgia x​

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