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Why do we crave routine?

I know I certainly love routine and I don’t like when it changes!

As children a routine gives us a feeling of safety and as adults, it gives us a sense of order. 

It is human nature to seek out patterns and avoid change,after all for some of us, change can be scary! A routine for some of us is reassuringly repetitive, for others a routine is restricting and lacks spontaneity and freedom.

Maybe you flick between the two? Could that be the best of both worlds? Sticking to a routine isn’t always easy or enjoyable for some of us. Allowing ourselves to be more flexible may open up new opportunities and experiences for us. Small steps like buying some different foods at the supermarket to make a different meal (I want to do this when I move out!) you never know, it may become your favourite.

So remember a change to a routine can be an opportunity to explore, experience, and try out new things! Give it a go!

Love, Georgia x

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