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Why should we be thankful?

Yesterday was World Kindness Day. Imagine what the world would be like if each person did one kind thing for someone else. 

Feeling thankful can improve your health in both direct and indirect ways. There is always something to be thankful for and it is important we express gratitude, especially to our loved one’s if they have done something kind for us. With the cold and rainy days well and truly here, my Dad has recently started putting a hot water bottle in my bed so it is warm and ready for me! Sometimes it is the small things that really mean the most. Good karma is the practice of doing some good or compassionate, which leads to positive consequences. It is scientifically proven that when we do nice things for other people, serotonin is released in the brain which is responsible for feelings of satisfaction and wellbeing. 

Why not try…

-At the end of each day, write down three good things about your day, no matter how small they are

-Say ‘thank you’ for all the little things others do for you 

-Thank yourself- Gratitude doesn’t always need to be focused on what other people have done for you! 

Being kind and compassionate may just be the well being tonic we all could benefit from… give it a go and see how you feel!

Love, Georgia x

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