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How can we be more sustainable?

The Granary Spa has always supported brands that use recyclable packaging and glass containers rather than plastic. As I become more aware of how much waste we produce in everyday life, it has made me actively make ‘greener’ choices and try to reduce my personal waste.

It got me thinking about changes I have made over the last few years;

I use a reusable coffee cup and water bottle

I recycle waste at home

I take my own bags to the supermarket

I use metal or paper straws.

Meal planning helps me reduce food wastage

Soups are great for using up not so fresh vegetables!

We have low energy bulbs at home and have recently reduced how many lamps etc are turned on in the evening.

I wash clothes at a lower temperature where possible

My mum has two whiskey barrels that are converted into water butts. Recycling in two ways… repurposing the barrel and recycling of the rain water!

I must admit that watching TV programmes about the plastic waste harming marine and wild animals is very upsetting but it made me think about things and adapt my ways. I can always do more and better, but even making small simple changes here and there can make a real difference.

Love, Georgia x

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