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What does it mean to be a charitable person?

I was thinking about this question the other day as I was sorting through my clothes, getting them ready to take to the Pilgrims Hospice. Donating to charities we care about is only one way, there are many other ways we can be charitable. For instance, being generous with our time, whether it is just talking or listening to someone, being kind, non-judgemental and compassionate. My mum is a generous, charitable person. She always puts others first before herself. I have often witnessed her buy a homeless man a sandwich and a drink, always offers to help others, whether it’s just a telephone call or a lift somewhere.

Yes we can ‘give’ to charity and that is important, but we can all be more charitable generally. As the saying goes ‘charity begins at home’. Being kind,helpful, and caring to those close to us (including ourselves) can only help us become better,more charitable people.

This week I encourage you to do one thing charitable!

Love, Georgia x

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