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How can you stay young at heart?

Following my recent trip to Ireland I was amazed at how the Irish people have a real zest for life, were always smiling, chatting and having plenty of craic (as the Irish would say!) They seem to place a higher value on socialising, enjoying life, and spending quality time together. Researchers say that people who laugh a lot (even at themselves!) look on the brighter side of life and those who believe they are never ‘too old’ to try anything, enjoy a rich, full, positive life. So some top tips are…

Get moving- Exercise and dancing are a great way to relieve stress and keep as fit as possible!

Find Love– I don’t just mean romantically, love can be found in all forms, friends, family, pets or hobbies. You will feel more happy and energised.

Eat more fruit– Super fruits like pomegranates and blueberries are rich in vitamin C+E which helps lower blood pressure and joint inflammation.

Play brain games– Games like crossword puzzles or sudoku can strengthen your mind and improve your memory.

Spend time outdoors– Fresh air and sunshine revitalises your mind and body.

Treat yourself- It’s important to take care of yourself, whether it’s buying yourself a bunch of flowers or a massage, do whatever makes you happy.

This week I challenge you to take a leaf out of the Irish book… smile or say hello to a stranger, see the funny side of things and unleash your community spirit.

Love, Georgia x

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