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Are you running on empty?

Exhaustion can lead to a ‘burn out’. Just like a battery, our bodies need to recharge itself. Without this re-boost, our bodies may become ill. When we over work, our brains do not function as well, which actually may cause us to have a less productive day and possibly a disturbed nights sleep!

We don’t need to book an expensive holiday to recharge our drained batteries (but I’ll add it to my list of options!!).We need to rebalance the natural ‘give and take’. A small change in your daily punishing routine may be the jumpstart you need to work on your entire self.

Diet– after all, we are what we eat. Eat energy boosting dark green vegetables and nuts, and cut down on sugary, processed foods. 

Power naps and sleep– when we rest, we give our consciousness a break and rejuvenate our bodies.Just sitting quietly for 5 minutes a day can refresh your mind and spirit. Breathe!

Exercise– Even a short walk is better than no exercise at all. Take the stairs instead of the lift. 

Good Posture– My brother has just purchased an adjustable desk that moves up and down so he can change and move his position more regularly. Good posture and stretching, not slouching will make you feel stronger.

Change your perspective– sometimes we feel bad about feeling bad! Talk to someone, try to see the ‘silver lining’ and have a positive self- view. 

Look for the meaningfulness in your life and embrace it… or book that holiday!

Love, Georgia x

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