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Let the changes unfold ready for fresh adventures

As I sit at my home desk watching the sunrise, I am amazed at its beauty and how each day is very different. I am sure if you are working at home or homeschooling an alternative way of being is emerging, it’s different, but we certainly adapt. If you are at home, being able to accept this change and let it unfold is essential to our mental health. During this week I listened to a very thought-provoking inspiration about change. It is going to happen. Sometimes it could be a challenge or a delight, maybe sending us in a different direction. Change is happening all the time, we have new thoughts, emotions, circumstances we just don’t know when it’s going to happen and what road if may take us down. This year will bring changes we would never have thought or imagined. Let’s try to go with the flow, stop the worrying and know that this is our path to a new adventure and that we will handle it as we always do. Sending my love and hugs to you xxx

Sunrise image taken by me I love the early mornings 

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