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Are you nourishing or depleting yourself?

 I loved my mindfulness courses, in fact I did the 8-week course three times, each time growing, and that is still ongoing. One lesson is focused on self-love, and the teacher asked us to write a list of all the things that nourished or depleted us. There was a group discussion at the end of this session. I looked at my list and was shocked. I had little on my nourishing list. This was a “aha “moment. I made a decision that things needed to change, and they did! The reason I wanted to write about this today was the effect of continuing to do tasks that deplete you can really lead to exhaustion, and then we become stuck and just seem to go around in circles! Whereas if we nourish ourselves regularly and dedicate time to activities that bring us joy, we create a more balanced approach to our lives. Oprah Winfrey tells a story of being irritated because of the phone ringing on a Sunday, her husband advises her “Just because the phone is ringing doesn’t mean you have to answer it “I think this is a good example of being strong enough to put yourself first so that you can recharge and feel able to attend to others needs. This week I would invite you to write your nourishing or depleting lists and see if you need to readjust anything. “Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for” Maya Angelou
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