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Can we create peace in a frantic world

The world seems very crazy at the moment and you can get very quickly get pulled into the chaos with just one government update .However, will it change anything for us? Or does it just bring internal worries?  Watching the BBC2 documentary this week on immunity, I was delighted that massage has now been proven medically to support our well being . This year we need to learn more than ever to care for ourselves and create our own peace. We cannot rely on others to do this for us.  Everyone of you has pressures, work, home, children, parents to name but a few. So this week I invite you to try one of my daily top tips for improving both your immunity and mental health.

Get out into nature and the fresh air every day

Make a virtual date with your friends something to look forward to 

Take your favourite balm and self massage  ( or ask someone kind to do  ! )

Note down what you are grateful for each day

Take some quiet time ideally to meditate even just a few minutes can make a difference

Eat a balanced diet with more fresh vegetables and fruit 

Drink lots of herbal tea and water and less alcohol

Grab your favourite magazine or novel and snuggle under a blanket

Draw with a pencil, pen or paint something special

Move your body each day whether that’s walking, yoga or following Joe Wicks

And most of all remember you can start afresh every day – a new beginning

I wish you a peaceful week.

Hugs Clare xxxx

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