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Keep dreaming always

What will 2021 bring us ?

I love the first blank page in a notebook or journal, even on my computer, as I write to you today. No past, no future just now. Often at the start of a new year people make resolutions that a few days later they will break! I think last year we learnt to accept that plans don’t always work out and life can take us all in different directions. We don’t have to wait for the beginning of the year to dream every moment we can make a new start, change, try something different. Last year did we learn to just let our lives unfold or did we fight a little against it. I still believe it is fun to dream and always write my intentions down on paper ,it really is amazing what happens when we visualise our own thoughts. If we didn’t dream or imagine, nothing would ever happen. A seed lays quietly in the earth during the winter time until it emerges through the soil in the spring and grows. It takes time to do this. Today and everyday I invite you to plant seeds ,your dreams, and let them develop and see where life takes you .This beautiful rock I saw in Somerset on a retreat I visited many moons ago. Lets adopt the pace of nature her secret is patience. Many of us are finding this difficult to do. I am entering the year not knowing when we will reopen the spa but I know for sure we will and you will return for your self care and wellbeing therapies. In the meantime, know that we are here for you during this time and see you next week . Love and Hugs Clare xxxxx

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