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My top tips if you have a low mood

Exercise – I know it’s difficult and you may feel a real lack of motivation, but I promise you any movement of your body will improve your mood. Ideally outside! A walk, cycle, run, stretch. Joe Wicks starts back this week can I tempt you…..

Get creative – Grab some paper and a pen and doodle or draw, choose a new recipe that you have never cooked before, collect some autumn leaves and make a card for a neighbour, learn a new language online, or undertake something you have always wanted to study.

Practice Gratefulness – Write three things that you were grateful for each day, some ideas – the hot shower you enjoyed, food that you ate, a call from a friend. It is really easy to be down, but we all have so much to be grateful for. This exercise really helps us realise this.

Be kind to yourself-  Treat yourself to a sitdown with an excellent book or magazine, a relaxing bath with your favorite bath salts. Maybe have a night off cooking with a takeaway from your favorite restaurant or ask the children to cook for you!

Keep reaching out – Keep in contact with your friends and family or help groups. If you can organise a walk with someone, just by seeing another person it will lift your spirit. Don’t be afraid to share your feelings with others we all have good days. 

Self Massage – I know it’s not the same, but use a little oil or cream to massage your hands and feet if you can- self touch is still good for the soul.

Loved this card I received this week really lifted my spirit it was so pretty but also the words inside are very special
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