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This Too Shall Pass

“This Too Shall Pass”

I recently read in one of my inspirational books about how a king asked all the wise people in his land for the perfect words that would be a compass for every circumstance, every place and time. “This Too Shall Pass” was what they came up with.

I was very drawn to these words this week, and I hope they help you. Everything is changing all the time. Today’s challenge will eventually fade away into the past.  Our joys will also change. If we look back to the beginning of the year would we have ever imagined where we are now?  I speak too many of you when you visit the spa and you have all made lots of changes this year, which maybe we wouldn’t have done if it had been just a normal year!  So this week I invite you to keep repeating this mantra “This Too Shall Pass” and I know we will all get through it.

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