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Do you make time for self care?

Many of us have a busy work schedule and home life. Whilst it’s good to feel a sense of achievement, we sometimes push ourselves too much and, as a result, our immune systems can be weakened. We can only do so much!

It definitely can be a challenge finding the time for self care. After work, I always have a hot bath. This is my nightly ritual, and it works really well for me. The heat eases my tight shoulders and I feel instantly relaxed. An aromatic candle (or two!) helps with creating a restful, fragrant ambiance. On the weekend’s, I always try to do something different or fun. Having a change of scenery and fresh air can definitely help to uplift your spirits.

Self care Ideas:

-Scheduling time for yourself


-Do something fun of different.

-Invigorating walk (but take time to admire the flowers, trees and wildlife) 


-Give yourself a facial

-Hair mask

-Saying ‘no’

-Spa treatment

This week try to gift yourself some YOU time! 

Love, Georgia x

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