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Why do we use organic and natural products?

Do you ever wonder what that huge list of ingredients is in your hair, body or facial products?

Many on that list are difficult to pronounce, and goodness knows what they are and what they do! The skin is the largest organ in the body and so it is important we know what products we are using and what is being absorbed into our body. Lots of products use the words natural or organic but when you look into this further, it is only a very small percentage! 

This is why at The Granary Spa we use Evolve Organic Beauty.

We love that it shows the percentage of what is organic and natural in each product. 

“I started Evolve Organic Beauty in 2009 with the idea to create a natural and organic beauty range that would help people live a little greener every day. My mission was to make affordable, highly sensorial products that deliver effective results, yet are healthier and kinder for you and the planet.”

– Laura Rudoe, founder of Evolve Organic Beauty

Love, Georgia x

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