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Can we protect our mental energy?

We understand how important it is to eat a healthy diet, to exercise, sleep well etc, but the one thing that often is overlooked is the important of our ‘mental energy’.

Have you ever noticed when someone walks into a room snd you can ‘feel’ their energy? Or you can just feel when a friend is upset?

Natasha and Danielle recently ran a masterclass on crystal balancing and they spoke about how to protect our mental energy. They taught us to imagine a bubble around us that protects us from any negative energy.

I know personally if someone around me is radiating negative energy vibes, it can impact on how I am feeling, so I am practicing my little ‘bubble’ and mindfulness in order to maintain my happy energy.

Benefits of protecting our mental energy:

Positive vibes always

More motivation

Inspire the people around you

Keep smiling!

Love, Georgia x

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