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Do you use sunscreen?

Hello May!☀️ It is sun awareness week, so I thought I would write about the importance of sun safety and checking our moles ourselves, especially as my mum is a skin cancer nurse.

There is a misconception that sunscreen is not needed in the UK, but it is! A lot of burning happens whilst we are at home, even on cloudy days the UV penetrates through the clouds. I have recently started applying SPF 5o to my face, neck and hands every day as an aging preventative.  

My dad in the past hasn’t been good at applying sunscreen, has Irish skin, plays golf 3 times a week and doesn’t like wearing a hat.

A couple of years ago, he had a new mole grow on the side of his face and consequently had it removed. Now he applies it regularly!

Checklist for checking moles:

Growing- noticed the mole is getting bigger?

Changes in colour- it may be darker in an area or have two or more colours

Changes shape- becomes irregular, normal moles are usually symmetrical

Sensory changes- itchy, painful, swollen?

Location- moles in friction areas such as waistband, collars, bra straps, can become irritated by the rubbing

Grown a new mole?- This isn’t usual as an adult, many times it’s simply an age related innocent lesion but it’s best to get it checked by your GP

Take photos of your moles- this helps with monitoring them for changes,you may need help with areas like the back.

Check your skin monthly/regularly

So remember, slip, slop, slap, slide and seek…

Slip on a t-shirt

Slop on the sun screen

Slap on a hat

Slide on the sunglasses


Seek the shade!

Take care everyone,

Georgia x

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