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Can you beat hay fever?

Whilst I love that spring is finally here, I dread the itchy eyes and sniffles that arrive at the same time. But I am not alone, 21 million people in the UK are said to suffer with hay fever! 

Symptoms are usually worse between March and September, when there is a high pollen count. There are some natural things we can do to help beat some of the effects of hay fever. I prefer the natural route as allergy tablets make me very drowsy.

Take a pre-bedtime shower. This removes pollen from our hair and skin that otherwise would be tucked up with us for eight hours.

Vaseline. A little vaseline rubbed around each nostril helps to stop allergens entering our bodies.

Pollen can stick to clothes, so change your outfit when you go indoors, change bedding and PJS regularly too.

Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes

Eat foods rich in quercetin such as green vegetables, berries and apples as these help to suppress histamine production

Chamomile tea has antihistamine and anti-inflammatory qualities

Avoid alcohol, unfortunately it is packed with histamines (say no to the pimms!)

Sadly for some of us on the highest pollen count days, it may be we have to stay indoors or plan a trip to the beach where the sea breeze blows the pollen inland. What a relief!


Georgia x

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