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Do you know the difference between life span and health span?

I recently read a very interesting article in one of the major tabloids which explained the difference. 

Our life span is the total number of years we live, our health span is how many of those years we remain disease free and in good health. 

With a super aging society, it may just be that we spend as much time working as retired. It is estimated that over the next 35 years, 22% of the world’s population will be aged over 60. They have started a clinical trial to reveal what disease an individual is at risk or more likely to develop as they age. One doctor feels our NHS is more suited to be called ‘National Sickness Service’, so the data from these trials will hopefully help increase future generations health spans.

To help ourselves, we need to focus on our daily lifestyle choices, we know what to do! Focusing more on looking after our health can only help us love a fulfilling, productive, enjoyable lifespan.

Nutritious and balanced diet

Regular exercise

If you smoke, try to stop

Get good quality sleep

Look after your mind, body and wellbeing

Love, Georgia x

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