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Does gift giving make us happy?

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day and enjoyed opening your gifts. It got me thinking about giving and receiving gifts. Apparently human brains are wired to gain pleasure from giving, it’s a real mood booster. It’s not necessarily how much a gift cost or how big, it may not even be a physical gift. How many times have you heard that the child played more with the box than the contents!?

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes, from hand painted cards to homemade pickles, jams, or Christmas cakes. Sometimes it’s a non-expensive gift, but beautifully wrapped that genuinely gives someone joy. 

Even a heartfelt message can be seen as a special gift.

I hand painted Christmas cards this year. My mum made some floral arrangements to give as gifts. It took time for her to collect foliage in the freezing cold, then actually put the arrangement together, she even glued baubles onto sticks. Then the Christmas arrangements were hand delivered to the recipient. 

So maybe it’s not how much a gift costs that counts, after all time is one of the most precious gifts you can give to another person. Your time is the gift that keeps on giving!

Try to be generous with it…


 Love Georgia x

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