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Why is celebrating good for you?

With Christmas fast approaching many of us will have parties, functions, family or religious celebrations to attend over the festive period.

These precious moments of celebration make us stop and appreciate what is really important in life. Even enjoying mini celebrations can boost our positive emotions which make it easier to manage the daily challenges that cause us stress.

Studies have found that celebrating can bring significant health benefits, including improved physical health and people who celebrate tend to be more optimistic, take better care of themselves and tend to be less stressed. After all, celebrating is good for the soul. The coming together of friends, colleagues or even strangers to celebrate an occasion brings a true feeling of community spirit. 

So allow yourself to celebrate your heart’s desire, big or small, anything you fancy. Enjoy the moment, even if it is just because it’s a Friday night.

If you look hard enough, there is always something worth celebrating. Go for it!

Love, Georgia x​

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