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How can we boost our mood this winter?

The winter blues are very common. Although there are parts of the colder months I love such as Christmas and evenings by the fire, there are times where the weather and darkness can bring your mood down. Seasonal affective disorder is the most common cause of a low mood in winter. My grandparents always plan a holiday during our dark winter months to get their fix of Vitamin D ( the sunshine vitamin). But not all of us are lucky enough to be able to go away. Apparently, lemon oil enhances a positive mood, as does music. Who doesn’t love a boogie around the kitchen listening to Abba or my Dad’s favourite Come on Eileen!

Tips to lift your mood this winter-

Keep busy

Move more… even if its dancing

Stay warm

Talk to others

Get lots of fresh air and daylight

Spend time outdoors

Love, Georgia x

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