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Can our elders inspire us?

I have always felt an immense feeling of love and admiration for my family. My Mum and Dad inspire me daily, always there to offer support whether it is about my career or how to remove a stain from my favourite dress.

My older brother has always pushed and encouraged me to do things out of my comfort zone. This has made me a braver, more progressive person, so I will always be grateful to him.

Maybe we should listen to our elders not because they are always right, but because they have more experience in being wrong. As they say, we learn from our mistakes.

Knowledge, experience, and guidance are all qualities that our elders possess. A few wise words, a pat on the back or indeed sometimes it can be just a ‘look’ may help us deal with life’s ups and downs.

We all face criticism at some point in our lives, its important to truly listen, analyse it and decide if it is constructive criticism and then make plans to act. Constructive criticism can help us to be better people, destructive criticism can be harmful, so it is important to seek advice from people whose opinions we trust and truly value.

Love and laughter are great medicines, be kind to yourself, remember to stop and smell the flowers sometimes. Elders may not always be wiser (especially where technology is concerned Mum!) but they may help you make less mistakes or indeed be there with a dustpan and brush to help you clear up the mess!


Georgia x

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