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Should we follow our head or our heart?

Life isn’t always easy. Sometimes we struggle to find a balance between what our head says and what our heart wants. It is this conflict that can cause problems with making decisions. It is possible to find harmony between the head and the heart, even though it may be challenging?

The head is rational and usually makes a decision based on the facts presented. It plans and looks ahead and weighs up the pros and cons to any situation. The heart is emotional, you tend to ‘feel’ a choice or decision.

Our heart can be connected to a younger version of ourselves, while our head is often older. We tend to follow our head more for a more sensible outcome and ultimately push alway our feelings. It is important we listen to what our gut is telling us. If you never allow yourself to feel emotions, it can build up inside and affect us negatively.

We should make choices on what feels right and makes sense. By doing this, we will stand by the decision we make with little or no regrets. Allow your mind to see all angles and allow your heart to trust it will be okay. Our gut or intuition is telling us as research has shown 90% of the time it guides us correctly!

Breathe, learn and move forward. 

Love, Georgia x

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