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Have you enjoyed the sunshine?

I hope everyone has enjoyed the recent sunny weather. I certainly have! My family and I recently did a nice walk and finished it off with a cream tea at the Lighthouse in St. Margaret’s Bay. The sea looked glorious, with dancing sunbeams across the surface. Our pretty spa garden is open for you to relax in and enjoy before or after your treatments. The caboose loungers are incredibly comfortable, you may even succumb to a little nap! However, it is important to make sure we look after our skin and eyes by wearing protective sunglasses and apply a high factor sun cream to help prevent burning. The effects of the sun can be very harmful to our skin from aging to the more serious possibilities of causing skin cancer.

My mum is a retired Dermatology Specialist Nurse and her motto is “If in doubt, check it out”. So enjoy the sunshine but be careful not to burn your skin, always apply a 5 star high factor sun cream and re apply regularly and look out for any changes in moles (irregular shape, growing, change in colour, texture, itching, painful, etc).

Love, Georgia x

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