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How do you switch off?

I have recently taken on a new job role and with that comes more responsibility. When we are constantly rushing around, it is important to take ‘time out’ to allow our minds and bodies to unwind. It is possible to train ourselves to be able to do this.. see below.

Top Tips to unwind

Meditation– Focus on sensations such as an object or a sound. At first you may find it difficult to focus, if you do lose focus, just rest yourself and try again. This does take practice to perfect.

Exercise- Releases endorphins ( happy hormones) which help combat stress.

Writing Lists– Write down everything you need to sort for the next day. This will clear your mind and reassure you that you are in control.

Just do your best– There is only so much you can do in a day. You are not a superhero, just do your best.

Limit phone/TV use– Turn off your TV and phone one hour before bedtime. Reducing electronic stimulation can aid better quality sleep. Try reading instead!

Change of Scenery– Get some fresh air to relax and clear your mind.

I hope you find some time this week to refresh, relax and recharge.

Love Georgia x

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