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Can you do nothing?

Let’s do a bit of nothing!

How do you cope with doing nothing? Can you do nothing? Some of us are over halfway through this second lockdown and I had promised myself I was going to take a brief break to recharge however I have realised I find this incredibly difficult. We have so many distractions and stimulations around us, the phone, computers, tv’s and of course our minds constantly working overtime. This week I did a little research to find out if there are any benefits to doing “nothing” and yes there are!. A dear friend suggested that like a relaxing activity it’s worth taking time each day to “switch off from everything” If we don’t stop, then sometimes we end up unfocused and tired, less creative. If we take regular breaks we will feel inspired, able to cope more, maybe come up with solutions to problems. This has inspired me to incorporate some “nothing time” into my life. Your challenge this week is to schedule a little nothing into yours.

Image below of Hythe beach I took and enjoyed some time just sitting watching the sea

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