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Just one step forward…..

Can make all the difference

This week has felt very odd- out of routine, not being able to work, and a few dull days outside, together with no plans for the future! I am sure I am not alone in feeling a little out of salts.  I dealt with these factors and emotions by each day, taking that first step. Whether that be to put my coat on ready to go out, call a friend to support each other, click a link to join a group–only we can make it happen. It would be very easy to not take that step forward. I promise you that if you do “anything” it will support and improve how you feel. I have walked daily, joined online yoga, daily meditation and Joe Wicks, cooking, working remotely, had some wonderful relaxing baths and self massage! I also have been turning the shower to cold towards the end and this really shifts your mind set and awakens the senses. I think you need to work harder on your mental health and wellbeing in winter, in the spa it is one of our busiest times, touch is essential for us all to uplift the spirits. I cannot wait to be back with you all. I hope that my ideas last week helped you. Even on a dull day it is really important to take in some fresh air, even if it’s a wander around your garden.  I talked a few weeks ago about doing some activities that we would have done as children, and this week I tried art online. It was great fun and I think a hobby that I will stick with. Creative tasks really help us switch off our minds and relax, which is really important, so take some paper and pens and maybe have a go!  This week I invite you to take just one step forward. Hugs Clare xxxx

(I am aware of lots of you that are still working incredibly hard during this lockdown and I hope we can support you to with some wellbeing tips )

Image below is a walk that a friend took me on – it was beautiful

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