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From the heart Honest and Open

A dear friend of mine who I meet a few years ago, said when they read my weekly thoughts it feels like I have life sorted, with my meditation, forest bathing, nature walks, etc.  I promise you this is far from true. Today I wanted to bare my soul as I think it will resonate with lots of you.  One area I really have to work hard on is “switching off “I find it difficult as I am so passionate about you and my team. Running a business is like looking after a baby I feel and also my second home.  For the last few years I have found when I travelled this was one of the few times I could really relax and this year like many of us this has not been possible, although I have enjoyed many pleasures from being at home.  I am trying to work part-time now, to get a little more free time, trying to stop worrying about things I cannot control, Covid 19 is a challenge for us all, but if I am truthful would I be worrying about something else if we didn’t have this. I also ruminate- think too much—what a complete waste of time this is! However what I am very proud of is the work I have been doing on myself the last 5 years to improve all of this. I would pin point the exact moment when myself and Sharleen attended a trade show, she encouraged me to book a week’s training course away with other Spa business owners. This was a huge turning point in my life. It’s difficult being human; we have so many thoughts and feelings. I want to live the best life I can, I know we are only here for a short time.  I would say what helps me with all the challenges I face are my rituals, daily calm mediation, nature, journaling,  my spa treatments, reading  and my wonderful weekly pottery class. During lockdown I loved Joe Wicks but being back at work this is more of a challenge- however this weekend I am going to review my exercise routine and get something different in place that suits me and my lifestyle now, without feeling guilty!  I also started back on my digital detox. On a Thursday night I turn my work phone off, no emails, social media etc, and this really helps me “ switch off “ It is very hard to do but I have a friend who is supporting me with this activity and I cannot let her down ! She is checking up on me weekly . I think once you are more aware of the true you – you can change and develop, I am sure life will never be perfect but that wouldn’t be any fun. Lots of love, and thanks for being part of my journey. Hugs Clare x

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