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Whats just out of reach in your life?

As I walked this morning with Sammy, I was looking for blackberries to go with the lovely cooking apples that Arthur our farm neighbour had given me this week.  I noticed a lot of them are just out of my reach, suitable maybe for the birds! As I walked a little more, I reflected about other things that sometimes we feel are just out of reach……… maybe the ability to relax or exercise or be content. Do you say to yourself “If only?” what I am learning is most of the things we think are out of reach can be achieved if we really want them. I could carry a step ladder with me to get the blackberries! Joking aside we do have control over lots of things we think are out of reach, we just have to prioritise them in our life and sometimes put ourselves first to achieve them. So this week I challenge you to tackle a task you think is out of reach and see how you get on. I am going to write myself some notes and leave them around to help me achieve my tasks!

Hugs Clare xxxx

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