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Weekly updates

Each week, I will post my thoughts and inspirations on how I am trying to navigate through the new ways we are living and working. I hope to be able to support our guests and anyone else who is reading this ! I started writing a weekly newsletter to my spa family at the end of march. I am not the best at English but have found I love writing and sharing my thoughts with you. I hope it helps you a little in your life Hugs

Below is last weeks addition.

As I walked this week, I could really feel the change in the air and autumn arriving another beautiful season to enjoy. When I looked at this field of hay it took my breath away and helped me reflect on one of my meditations. The speaker talked about why we all like to escape, go on holiday and for many of you that know me well, I loved my trips away. (pre -lock down) However this mediation discussed why we like to escape and one of the many reasons is the excitement of new scenery and discoveries. However, the invitation was that maybe we should try to look around our own areas with fresh eyes. From where we work to our homes to our loved ones. We should take nothing for granted as we all know life is very short.  It is a very interesting exercise to do. Re look at what we already have but with very fresh eyes. Have a wonderful week. Hugs Clare xxxx

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