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World Sleep Day

 Last Friday was World Sleep Day. It is a day to promote sleep health and spread awareness. It is very normal to experience the occasional bad night’s sleep, but there are some ways to improve it if you are struggling. My mum always used to tell me if I was struggling to sleep, to still always close my eyes because you are still in a state of resting and allowing your mind and body to recharge.

Top Tips:

-Don’t stress about it- Worrying about your sleep will only make it worse!

-Self care- Give yourself some self care to relax you

-Take a 10 minute meditation break during the day

-Try to schedule a bedtime and stick to it

-Do not have caffeine or alcohol too close to bedtime

-Take a relaxing bath 

-Turn off electronic devices an hour before bed

-Read a book

-Calm App or listen to YouTube for calming sleepy music

-Enjoy a relaxing massage

This week try one of my tips and see if it helps you sleep! 

Love, Georgia x

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