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World Cancer Day

Yesterday was World Cancer Day. It is a day to raise awareness, to promote screening, early detection and highlight new treatments globally.

We no doubt have been personally affected by it, whether it is indirectly or directly. At The Granary Spa we have therapists that are specially trained in cancer touch therapy. Not all spas are able to offer this service, so we are delighted and proud to be able to deliver some respite, relaxation and repose to you ALL!

This review is from one of our special guests and I wanted to share it with you all…

“The Granary Spa had always held a dear place in my heart. As one of the very few Spas who specialise in looking after people who had traumatic experiences, they were my place of relaxation when I faced cancer. When other spa places turned me down, the Granary Spa had specially trained therapists‚Ķ I always treasure my time at The Granary Spa for the connection I have and the beautiful care I always receive. The team are amazing and they looked after my girls and I like we were one of their family. The setting is beautiful, the treatments are wonderful and the products you use are just the kind of products I seek to use as a former patient.”

Love, Georgia x

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