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How do you cope with stress?

This Thursday is Stress Awareness Day. Stress can affect us all differently, but it’s important we learn how to cope with it and find our own way of dealing with it.

Here are my Autumn/Winter tips to cope with stress:
Go for a nature walk- A walk outdoors in the fresh air can awaken your mind. Enjoy the beautiful autumnal leaves crunch beneath your feet.

Gratitude practice- Taking a few moments each day to reflect on things you are grateful for can significantly boost your mood and mental outlook.

Cooking or Baking– Cook your favourite warm cosy meal, I baked my first pumpkin pie last week!

Plug in a diffuser- Every night I put my diffuser on. I use Neom de stress scent which is a pre blended essential oil which relaxes me I go to sleep.

Get enough sleep- A poor nights sleep can make our stress worse. So make sure you are getting the recommended 8 hours sleep per night.

Organisation and Time management-Write a to do list and prioritise your tasks.

Talk- Recognise when you are stressed and talk to someone about it!

I hope this helps, 

Love, Georgia x

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