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Do you enjoy being creative?

Laura is understandably keen to give the Granary Spa a little makeover to make it her own. She has asked for my help with ideas and with creating a mood board, which is a great way of collating ideas to see if a design will work, colours, the layout etc. Mood boards also help you visualise the space and it brings your ideas to life.  

The Granary Spa will always remain the relaxed, friendly, warm place we have all come to love, it may just be after the mini make over, you love it more!

Getting creative after a stressful day can de stress you and help us manage our emotions in a positive way. Finding a creative hobby that you love doing is genuinely good for us. Grab a pen and start writing, colouring or get your hands dirty with pottery, painting, gardening or play an instrument. Whatever brings you joy, it’s time to start getting creative!

Love, Georgia x

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