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Do you struggle to adjust?

With every job, we can all experience daily challenges and sometimes it can be difficult when we are forced to change our normal daily routine. Last week due to staff on annual leave, I had to cover a member of staff instead of being on reception performing my assistant manager role. At first it was hard adjusting to doing treatments again whilst trying to juggle some of my other jobs. However, I soon settled into the new routine and realised how I enjoyed the personal interaction with our lovely guests. I loved chatting with you all, and it felt good to use my therapist skills and helping our guests feel relaxed and refreshed after their treatment was the icing on the cake!

It’s important to make the best out of a situation and find a solution. 

Try to laugh and not cry!

Top tips to adjust to change:

-Recognise that change is happening

-When possible, prepare

-See the positives

-Try and be flexible

Love, Georgia x

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