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How can we deal with life's irritations?

Last week there was a sudden water leak in our local area and we were without water for an entire evening. With no warning beforehand to prepare, even the kettle was bone dry! After a hard days work, feeling tired, I will admit it was very annoying.

Thankfully, I was very fortunate that my partner had prepared a bath for me, so it was ready for when I returned from after work. And so it got me thinking… could I control this situation? No…

 I just had to be patient and wait for the problem to be fixed. I may have not been able to have a cup of tea, but I could enjoy a lovely soak.

There is no point stressing about situations that are out of your control. Whatever the annoyance, make a joke about it.

Smiling and laughter can help to defuse anger and annoyance.

Stressful situations can have a negative impact on our bodies, creating tension in our neck and shoulders, headaches or even tummy ache. Apparently it is impossible to experience two emotions at once, so it is better to laugh then cry!

My top tips:

-Feeling irritated or annoyed-Take a few deep breaths

-Try to find a blessing/ humour in your situation 

-Exercise, even a walk to get the endorphins flowing

Remember, things will improve and get better in time.

Love, Georgia x​

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